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 Bellato Classes

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PostSubject: Bellato Classes   Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:59 pm


Class that specializes in using close-range combat melee weapons. As we all know, warrior classes/characters are the frontliners and the first group that serves as the shock absorbers of the enemy�s damage. Warriors possess high HP growth, but low FP and SP growth. Most of the warrior classes have low defense against magic classes.


Class that specializes in ranged combat using guns and bows. We call them one of the heavy bombers or heavy damage dealers in game. They�re accurate, and it hurts when they hit you all at the same time. The odd thing about them is that they don�t possess high HPs. One strike from a warrior can kill them. The Ranger class possesses high SP growth, but low HP and FP growth.


Class that specializes in crafting armors, weapons, ammos, and shields. This is the balance type class that is known to have the least HP/FP/SP. The Specialist also has different abilities or skills. They can build towers, repair damages from their defense units, etc. This class differs by each race. For example, the Bellatean�s specialist class has the ability to use MAU (Massive Armor Unit).


Class that specializes in Force spells, examples of which are: offensive magical spells, beneficial spells (Healing spells), and spells that weakens other classes� resistance against their magical spells (Curse, Slow etc.). This class is the best ranged heavy nukers or damage dealers in the game. They possess skills that can weaken the defense of warriors and kill them with 1 or 2 casts of their spells. They can kill ranger classes also with one strike, but a ranger class has longer range and can out-run the spiritualist. Running after the ranger class would not be a good idea. Vice versa with the warrior class, one hit from a high level warrior class can end the spiritualist life. The Spiritualist class has high FP growth, but low HP and SP growth
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Bellato Classes
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