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December 2018
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 RF Invasion Rules

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PostSubject: RF Invasion Rules   Sun Jun 03, 2012 1:28 pm

These terms/Rules can be modified without any warning. For that reason always check our site and also our social network pages daily.

Banned from server

Damage Hacker : For every one that uses these types of Hacks and get caught while doing or by way of a video will be IP banned, that means that you're permanently banned from the server. Obs : Your name will not be included on the server banned list.
GM Fake : Don't use nicks that contents words "GM" or "ADM, or even trying to pass yourself as one, if you does, you'll have your IP banned from our server.

Blocked account

Fly Hacker : get caught on the act or with an image (ScreenShot) or video, the hacker account will be permanently blocked.

Speed Hacker : We can only be sure when the hacker is on a PvP or killing any monster, caught in the act or with a video, in the first inflaction the account will be banned for 3 days (72 hours), the second one will be permanently banned.

Map bug : Using any way of glitch/bug or blind spot on the map being unnable to be attacked also is considered as a type of hacker, so if you got caught in the act,image (ScreenShot) or video, your account will be blocked for 3 days (72 hours) in the first inflaction, in the second inflaction the account will be permanently banned.

GvG : To decrease the number of people bugging GvG we will set a rule of GvG limits per day, if the player do more than 1 GvG per day he will be banned for 3 days (72 hours). We will also remove grade 1 and 2 guilds every mondays in wich week.

GvG Bug : Every week we'll make a scan in the server logs searching for people that bug the GvG to acquire CP in a irregular way, the one who uses this bug will have the account blocked for 1 day(24 hours) and 100.00 (100k) of CP removed also the guild will be removed and the leader of the Guild that helped to bug the GvG will have his account banned for indetermined time.

Flood : Don't repeat phrases using macros or just writing on /all,/race or any other that's not /sell or /buy, in case of flooding in any other chats that not the ones reservated for it (/sell, /buy) your account will be chat blocked for 3 days( 72 hours).

Language : The server language is english & Portuguese (BR) , don't use any other language, you can still use in /guild or /party or in whispering messages, but using it on public chats will result into a chat block for 3 days ( 72 hours).

Disrespect : Our Game Masters (GM) will talk with you in a formal way with no slangs or any other type of informal language, in case of importunity or hostile activity (being doing same questions every time without wayting for anwers) to a GM, offend him, ofend the server, flooding his private chat or not obeing, you take the risk of being punished for indetermined time. You not only should respect the GM/ADM, but also respect your gaming partners.

SafeZone : If you're in any Safezone and heal the HP, take buffs off or send your summoner out to attack other players and got caught in the act, or with image(ScreenShot)or video, you'll have your account blocked for 3 days ( 72 hours) in the first inflaction, in the second your account will be permanently blocked.

ChipWar : Setting towers inside the cip, or throwing a nuke inside de CORE (HSK) your punishment will be for 1 day ( 24 hours) of blocked account in the first ocorrence, in the second ocorrence, for 3 days ( 72 hours) of blocked account and in the third ocorrence your account will be permanently blocked. Entering inside the chip during CW (ChipWar) you risk having your account blocked for 2 hours.

Party with a Hacker : If you're in a party or getting advantage of a near hacker and don't denounce him you'll be consider as "party with a hacker". 1st inflaction will be 1 day (24 hours) of blocked account, 2nd inflaction will be 3 days (72 hours) of blocked account, 3rd inflaction : your account will be permanently blocked.

Real money trading : Don't try selling anything in-game or exchange for real money, this can give you a 3 days punishment in the first inflaction and in the 2nd inflaction your account will be permanently banned.

Name : Don't use special names, Russian keybord characters or any name mixing L,l,I,i in case you do this, your account will be blocked permanently.

Archon : DOn't abuse powers as a race leader, in case you do so, your account will be blocked for 3 days(72 hours) in the first ocurrence, in the second one you will lost your archon or be punished for 7 days(168 hours).

Towers & MAUs : Puting MAUs above towers or the inverse will result into a punishment of 3 days(72 hours) in the 1st ocurrence, in the second one the account will be permanently blocked.

Racism : This is a international server, we don't tolerate any type of race discrimination, ethnicity or religion, sexual orientation, politcs or national origin. If you get caught or any one denunces you will get permanently banned.

Anounces : It's not allowed any type of publicity in our server, if you get caught in the act or being denounced by any images ( ScreenShots) or video you'll get your account permanently banned.

Security : Don't give your information to any one, a GM/ADM don't need your password, don't get into scams from other sites saying they are from RF Biohazard, with that, we're not responsible for item losses or any type or things envolved with your account.

Chaos Potion : Don't use this potion to persuit any one of your race, this will be qualified as persecution and you will be punished for indetermined time with no warning.
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RF Invasion Rules
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